Many adults have been confused by this generation, they’ve especially been confused by this generation of girls.  Let’s see just how they are confusing.

One thing that confuses adults today, is language “YOLO, ratchet, swag” what do these words mean? You only live once, bad, cool? Really?  Then why do we even used them? To be more cool?  To have more “swag?” and what the heck does “YOLO swag” even mean? “you only live once cool.”  What the heck? Another thing in the youth of today’s “language” per say, is hashtags.  Hashtag this, Hashtag that.  Hashtag hashtag. Originally, it was a good idea.  But of course, too much of a good thing can be bad.  And of course, it was used TOO MUCH.  Pretty much any teenage language today is overused.  And does it get annoying?  Yes.  Is it confusing why teenagers, particularly girls overuse this language so much?  Yes.

Another thing that is bad about the youth of today, is bullying.  People have campaigns, and all these things to stop bullying for a while now, but apparently they haven’t been working.  Cause people still bully, and since we’re talking about girl bullying here, usually girls bully with words. Why do they do it?  To feel like the alpha dog?  To feel better about them self?  To cover up their hurt feelings from previously being bullied?  To be more cool?  Whatever the reason is, they do it.  They make other girls feel terrible about themselves for being who they are.  Making them feel terrible about how they look, what their personality is like, and other things those girls simply can not change about themselves.  This bullying can lead to eating disorders, self harm, taking drugs, and possibly even suicide. Some past bullying victims are bullies now, to cover up pain from past bullies. This creates a cycle, continually repeating, bullies stop bullying, but bullies have already created more bullies.

Social media also impacts the youth of today.  Don’t get me wrong, social media is not bad.  But it’s like everything else, too much of a good thing can be bad.  And the youth of today is on social media networks a lot more then spending time with their family, playing out side, etc.  But then again, without social media, kids might be bored, or might not be able to talk to they’re friends as much.  I guess it isn’t a bigger flaw of today’s society, since they have to make technological advances, they can’t just stick with old telephones forever.  But still, it’s a little overused.

These are just some flaws with the youth of today.  But then again, these are just my opinions, so they are not really considered factual flaws, but this is my opinion on some of the flaws with the youth of today, girls mainly.